Reset Branding + Design

When you have the right people on your business, any challenge can be overcome.

John Miziolek and Franca DiNardo lead the Strategic Branding and Creative Development at Reset Branding. Brand owners from every category, sector and position in the marketplace have trusted them with their business and their brands.

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John Miziolek

An Innovative and Strategic Branding Professional skilled in brand strategy and development for both consumer and business to business products and services.

A celebrated contributor to the design industry, John’s media coverage includes appearances on History Television and interviews for CBC Radio and Global News. John’s experience in building and revitalizing brands spans every category of consumer packaged goods and corporate development. He has a proven track record of delivering fully integrated strategic programs and successfully revitalizing and building top tier brands. John believes strongly in the business value of design and it’s impact on the financial strength of your company.

John is a dad, loves hockey, playing drums and secretly believes he was in Led Zeppelin. Oh, and he would take the Red pill.

Franca DiNardo

Franca is the driving force behind Reset Branding’s award-winning creative and brings a highly sought after mix of executive talent to your brands.

She masterfully translates the visual interpretation of your brand to meet the strategic business needs of your organization. Franca has a proven track record of using business acumen and creative brilliance to revitalize brands, and she will intelligently rationalize why it will all have a positive impact on the financial strength of your company. A tireless contributor to the design industry and the business value of design, Franca’s experience spans every category of consumer packaged goods from food, beverage and spirits to personal care, automotive and household products.

Franca is a super-mom, loves shoes, fine wine and um, shoes. She would love to connect with Jimmy….as in Choo.