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May 1st, 2010
Reset Branding extends reach

Reset Branding continues to build its Global Design Community. “We have developed new resources in Australia, Europe, Mexico and India and continue to build relationships and expertise from every corner of the world” says John Miziolek of Reset Branding Inc.

What is our Global Design Community?

Our Global Design Community is an intricate network of design and innovation leaders from across the world that is completely unique to Reset Branding. Conceived by us and built piece by piece, relationship by relationship, it provides real-time data and expertise on trends, consumer insights, innovation and cultural subtleties.

“We are inspired by perspectives from around the world and the most creative people we know flourish in connected environments that are not necessarily sitting at the desk next to you.” says John Miziolek of Reset Branding Inc. “We plan to continue adding resources in areas of the world where design thinking is on the rise.”